Great Blue Heron<br />
Cape Hatteras National Sea Shore

                                                 ......Photographing Paradise ......

          I feel I am very lucky to be living on Hatteras Island...... part of Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  I originally moved here to enjoy and get to know this island for a year or two...... Now more than 34 years later photographing and living each day in paradise........ I have grown too fond of this little sandbar in the Atlantic to even think of leaving....... I am an observer by nature and thrive on continually changing visual stimulus...... Although this island seems very small,  if you take the time to really open your eyes and look,   you will find it is in continual change and offers new things to explore daily....... The incredibly expansive horizon allows one to really observe all of the area`s unique weather conditions:  the continually changing shapes and forms of clouds,    the play of light in the many atmospheric conditions,    the deep earthy colors found in high humidity,  the sharp crisp colors of cool dry Canadian fronts,    the almost surreal soft pastel hues of changing conditions in between..... As you can probably tell I love the natural beauty of Cape Hatteras.... It enhances,  reflects and absorbs this area`s incredible light..... Not many places in the world produce the soft comforting colors you will find here daily..... My objective as a photographer is to bring you not just a moment of beauty but also the wonderful feelings produced by this light. If you can come to Cape Hatteras National Seashore, please do. You can find my work at many local galleries and art shows...... If not please contact me and I will be glad to send you one of my photographs of this beautiful Island....... Hope you enjoy them…..Peter LeWando

Cape Point Pelican<br />
Cape Hatteras National Sea Shore
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